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A3 All Blacks

From USD $585.00

Deliver your ideas with the winning confidence the All Blacks are renowned for by encasing your work in the ultimate presentation case.

Dangerously sleek, tough and made in New Zealand, the All Blacks Youmans A3 Capsule is a fitting tribute to New Zealand's finest sporting legends. This limited edition range sports an elegant leather embossed lining and subtle engraving of the All Blacks logo.   The Capsule is crafted from high-grade anodised aluminium for peak performance.

Just like our men in black, the All Blacks Youmans Capsule is top-notch, innovative and commited to excellence. This limited edition range is a sure winner, make sure you have yours to show your support in the boardroom and around the office.

Technical specifications

Exterior dimensions Width: 510mm (20.1 inches)
Height: 432mm (17.0 inches)
Depth: 60mm (2.7 inches)
Interior dimensions Width: 496mm (19.5 inches)
Height: 335mm (13.2 inches)
Depth: 52mm (2.0 inches)
Weight 2.4 kg (5 lb 5 oz)
Exterior Anodised aluminium shell
Composite nylon/FG handles, catch and hinge
Interior Genuine New Zealand cow hide leather liner embossed with All Blacks logo
Protective glove Lightweight 95% bamboo, 5% spandex material
Protective packaging cocoon Moulded recyclable bamboo pulp

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Total: USD $585.00 excl taxes