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A3 Youmans Capsule

From USD $479.00

Take your ideas and products to a new level by encasing them in the sleek and stylish A3 Youmans Capsule - the ultimate presentation and business case that gives you the confidence to seal the deal.

Finely crafted in New Zealand from high-grade anodised aluminium, Youmans Capsule offers optional engraving and customisable inserts.

The A3 Capsule is the perfect solution for creatives and professionals looking to exhibit their artwork, plans and products in a stunning display or be prepared for Business Time!

It is the only case that delivers the showstopping performance you are after.

Technical specifications

Exterior dimensions Width: 510mm (20.1 inches)
Height: 432mm (17.0 inches)
Depth: 60mm (2.7 inches)
Interior dimensions Width: 496mm (19.5 inches)
Height: 335mm (13.2 inches)
Depth: 54mm (2.1 inches)
Weight 2.4 kg (5 lb 5 oz)
Exterior Anodised aluminium shell
Composite nylon/FG handles, catch and hinge
Interior Soft composite polyester and foam liner
Protective glove Lightweight 95% bamboo, 5% spandex material
Protective packaging cocoon Moulded recyclable bamboo pulp

Order your capsule


  • Black A3 Capsule
  • Champagne A3 Capsule
  • Silver A3 Capsule


  • Personalise your presentation case with your company logo
  • Please send an AI, PDF or EPS file of your logo to
    If seeking larger engraving please contact us.


  • Tailor your presentation case to suit your requirements
  • Please note, this is an indicative price, once we have received your order and understand your requirements we will provide a quote for your specific needs. Contact us at to discuss some of the unique and exciting ways we can display your products and story.

Select your Capsule skin


  • Genuine New Zealand black leather handcrafted skin for A3 Capsule.
  • Genuine New Zealand black leather handcrafted skin for A3 Capsule.
  • Genuine New Zealand dark tan leather skin handcrafted for A3 Capsule with A4 leather pocket.
Total: USD $479.00 excl taxes