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  • Youmans Capsule range
  • A2 presentation capsule for creatives
  • Mobile office in an A3 Youmans Capsule case
  • All Blacks A4 limited edition everyday meeting compendium
  • Presentation is everything

    Show and tell like never before!

  • Brand and customise your Youmans A3 presentation case
  • Accessorise your A4 Capsule
  • Designer A3 Youmans Capsule
  • Travel with your technology protected in a stylish A4 Youmans Capsule
  • Brand and customise your A2 Youmans Capsule presentation case
  • Customise your A3 Youmans Capsule to suit your lifestyle
  • Travel light with the A4 Youmans Capsule.  Perfect for daily meetings.

Increased success plus personalised customisation for the contemporary professional

Youmans Capsules are confidence tools, everything the professional needs when working, presenting, playing and traveling.

Giving others confidence in you because you now have the tools to succeed.

"I have had absolute rave reports on my A2 Capsule. When I do my presentations I am astounded at how I am perceived and the attention I draw as I walk in the room. It makes me feel 8’ tall before I have even started my presentation. Overhead presentations or crowding around a laptop has done it's dash. So it’s back to old style presentation of good handout documents, such as laminated posters / brochures. Hey you know all of this "

Ray Broughton,
General Manager - Business Operations for Clayton Australia

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