A3 Designer Aluminum Presentation Briefcase

A3 Designer Aluminum Presentation Briefcase

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The A3 Youmans Capsule is slightly smaller than the A2 but still equally powerful. It is easily transportable, highly functional and eye-catching with a sense of mystique and theatre. 

It is the perfect solution for a mobile office, product samples, corporate presentations or your creative ideas 

* We encourage you to contact us to discuss your ideas. 

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Exterior dimensions:
Width: 510mm (20.1″), Height: 432mm (17.0″), Depth: 60mm (2.7″)

Interior dimensions:
Width: 496mm (19.5″), Height: 335mm (13.2″), Depth: 54mm (2.1″)

2.4 kg (5 lb 5 oz)




“For the first time, the presentation of my design illustrations and actual product samples is in one professional package”
– Adam Laws


“The capsule itself is doing 50% of your work, half of your work, this is before you’ve even opened it. It creates interest as soon as you walk into a meeting room, after that the question is “What’s in the capsule?” Once the capsule is open and reveals the products, the focus is still on what’s in the capsule. The essence of that is that you can control the meeting from the time you walk in to the time you walk out. That is a commanding position.”
– Ray Broughton


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