We make sure to develop a strong relationship with our customers, we care for them, and we want to achieve their vision through professional designer consultancy.

“How I use my capsules”

Allan Ismay, Director, Box & Dice Pty Ltd

“My Capsule is my mobile office”

Allan Ismay, Director, Box & Dice Pty Ltd

“Showing off our product”

Robyn De Bruin-Judge, CEO Designerscope

“Revolutionised sales”

Karen Renata, Director Sales & Marketing, Ora Innovation Group

Claytan Group

“The capsule itself is doing 50% of your work, half of your work, this is before you’ve even opened it. It creates interest as soon as you walk into a meeting room, after that the question is “What’s in the capsule?” Once the capsule is open and reveals the products, the focus is still on what’s in the capsule. The essence of that is that you can control the meeting from the time you walk in to the time you walk out. That is a commanding position.”

Ray Broughton

Zeald Ltd

“I meet with a variety of business owners on a weekly basis in a consultative sales role. Establishing a point of difference from the moment I walk in the door can provide a positive start to a first meeting. My Youmans Capsule does this before I even start speaking. I have had many comments on its appearance and styling and I’m always happy to recommend it as a functional business tool. I use mine on a daily basis and it looks as good 6 months down the track as it did when I unboxed it.”

Justin Cheyne

Kahurangi Wine Ltd

“We purchased an A3 Youmans Capsule and A4 capsule with our logo elegantly embossed on the outside. Our capsules have proven to be a useful tool when presenting our range of products to customers within New Zealand and overseas, they are able to view large images of our tasting notes which reflect the high quality of our products. The smaller A4 capsule is great to use when travelling as it also perfectly fits the iPad along with A4 size tasting notes.”

Amanda Day

Industrial Designer

“For the first time, the presentation of my design illustrations and actual product samples is in one professional package”

Adam Laws

PANmedia Ltd

“The team at PANmedia have found the A2 Youmans Capsule to be an extremely stylish asset when pitching campaign concept boards to clients. We constantly get positive comments. The capsule is exceptionally well engineered and surprisingly robust. The quality of the capsule and the level of service experienced is beyond compare. Very happy.”

Graeme Blake

Waldmann Lighting Singapore

“Para.mi is an exceptional task light by Waldmann. We were looking for an equally unique way to showcase our product, bring it to meetings, and present it to our audience. Youmans Capsule is a light, sleek, and sexy tool that now stores and handles Para.mi with care but, most importantly, transpors and “reveals” it in an extraordinary way. It has to be experienced – we are very happy with our choice.”

Christian Seiffert

AGM Publishing Ltd

“I thought I should also let you know that I bought my champagne Youmans Capsule last year after I saw it in our office. I really bought it to make a statement, and it’s done exactly that. The Capsule is smart and sleek, and is really an extension of how I like to present myself in front of others. Someone noted the other day that it somehow mysteriously matched my shoes and handbag. Little did they know that it was all planned :)”

Parul Sheopuri

Clever Designs Pty Ltd

“I absolutely love my A2 Youmans Capsule. It is sleek and professional which in the first instance is important but also exceptionally functional for client & consultant meetings with my presentation drawings, documentation and iPAD etc.”

Mike Cleaver


“The A4 Capsule will be my ‘modern briefcase’ to carry/protect my mobile technology work platform of choice. I spend a vast amount of my time on my computer and/or iPad.”

Doug Wilson

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