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Rick Youmans solves presentation problems, beautifully.
An artist, designer and user-experience architect, Rick conceived of the Youmans presentation capsule as a way to empower anybody with the art of presence, anywhere.

Often asked to solve conundrums and design the impossible over the decades of his career, the Youmans capsule is the embodiment of design applied to get the best possible result.

“I set out to produce the most pure and honest design I could,” he says.  “It was important to complement the creativity of the artist, satisfy the practicality of the designer and fit the aesthetic demands of both”.

Working with a small hand-selected team over three years, the result is the Youmans capsule series, an elegant and highly-functional answer to the presentation case that exemplifies the passion and integrity of his original vision.

With a head office gallery space based in tranquil Raglan, New Zealand, sustainability is another essential part of that vision. The thoughtful Youmans design philosophy extends to embrace New Zealand’s sustainable 100% pure image as much as possible with ecologically sound materials and supply chain choices.

However, the capsule itself is just the beginning…and the possibilities are endless.

Rick’s true expertise shines when presented with the huge variety of products, services, personalities, and applications the capsule can be adapted to showcase, as he designs bespoke inserts, interiors and presentation experiences that tell your story and engage your audience.

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Our Partners

Adam has a degree in industrial design and has gained acclaim both in Australia and internationally with over 20 design awards and more than 100 products on the market. He has extensive experience in the design of furniture, electronic, medical and consumer products with clients in Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Singapore. Adam’s designs have featured in numerous publications and exhibitions including the ABC television series “Designers”.

Adam Laws has been an integral part in the development of the Youmans Capsule and we continue to work closely with him on product improvements and future product offerings.

Finex, New Zealand’s architectural aluminium anodising plant was established in late 2005 by its main customers Architectural Profiles, Independent Extrusions and Aluminium Systems Limited.

The anodising produced is type 2 architectural which includes natural through bronze colours to black and is produced by the deposition of tin for longevity and colour stability. Thickness of the anodising is from 12 microns through to 25 microns for major architectural projects.

Being a relatively new plant, Finex has utilised some of the latest technology available in chemical process controls as well as control of discharges to trade waste. With tanks that are 7 metres long, Finex is able to undertake virtually any size aluminium products for anodising.

Thanks to Finex’s state of art plant and processes, the anodised finish on the Youmans Capsules is world class.

Black Sheep Creative is a small, yet finely tuned web design studio. They believe in creating beautiful websites that are refreshingly easy to use. Together with Black Sheep Creative Youmans Capsule has been able to compliment the elegance of the Youmans Capsule product range with a sleek, beautiful website.

Emblems mission is to provide an accurate, efficient and cost effective service to national and international customers, using expert friendly staff, cutting edge machinery and unique designs.

Youmans Capsule is delighted to work closely with Emblems, utilising their skills and cutting edge machinery to achieve high end customisations for our customers.

AXIAM is an engineering company manufacturing complex product components in plastics and metals. AXIAM combines world-class technologies and specialist expertise, to uniquely deliver to you unbiased and innovative solutions, and so extend your options and opportunities.

AXIAM has been able to combine their specialist expertise with our vision to create a product that is unique, innovative and ruthless about quality. We continue to work closely with AXIAM to ever improve the Youmans Capsule.

Stainless Design is a fast growing metal fabrication and production business that is widely recognised as an industry leader. They are committed to manufacturing in New Zealand and growing their business through the investment in the latest metal processing technologies. Stainless Design is focused on continuous improvement and the development of their people, systems and processes through the implementation of Kaizen.

People focused and customer driven, Stainless Design emanates a culture of integrity in all aspects of their business which enables them to deliver consistently high performance standards.

It is thanks to our partnership with Stainless Design, their can do attitude, commitment to precision and quality engineering, and their customer focus that we have been able to produce our Youmans Capsules.

Patents & Trademarks



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Product Patents:  PCT/AU2012/000580© International patents pending for the range of Youmans Capsules.

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Design Patent©: For a new presentation case.  The patent covers the “look” and the novel aspects of the Youmans design

New Zealand:  418577

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