A2 / A3 Eco-friendly Portfolio Cocoon

A2 / A3 Eco-friendly Portfolio Cocoon

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Please note that this product is only available for pick-up directly from our shop in Raglan.

With its innovative design made from recyclable sugarcane and paper mulch, the Eco-friendly Portfolio Cocoon is solid yet incredibly lightweight & water-resistant. The A2 and A3 Eco- friendly portfolio Cocoon is a great solution to protect your work and personal belongings in a world-first creation.

These are manufactured by Winner Pulp in China, a world-leading and innovative pulp company with its own water treatment plant and high eco principles. 


Dimensions and Weight


External dimensions
Width: 655 mm (25.8″), Height: 512 mm (20.1″), Depth: 68 mm (2.7″)

Internal dimensions
Width: 594 mm (23.4″), Height: 420 mm (16.5″), Depth: 64 mm (2.5″)

0.6 kg (1 lb 4oz)

Recycled sugarcane and paper mulch



Exterior dimensions
Width: 464mm (18.3”), Height: 373mm (14.6”), Depth: 68mm (2.6”)

Interior dimensions
Height: 420mm (16.5″), Width: 297mm (11.75″), Depth: 64mm (2.5″)

0.4kg (14 oz)

Recycled sugarcane and paper mulch



I found these products once I was on holiday in Raglan. I was surprised to find this showroom at The Wharf and the variety of wonderful things there. I could not be more happy with this discovery as the Portfolio Cocoon has changed my life, now I am more organized as I can keep all my things from uni here. I love to carry it wherever I go as it is super light, waterproof and eco fashionable, I love my Cocoon!
– Daniell Robertson


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