A4 Designer Aluminum Portfolio Case

A4 Designer Aluminum Portfolio Case

From: $299.00


The smallest capsule in our range but certainly no less impressive. Unlike the A2 and A3 Capsules, the A4 is symmetrical and opens flat but still with a stiff hinge to keep the case open at 90 degrees.

A unique, in vogue stylish case that also doubles as the ultimate presentation solution, providing the perfect platform for tablets, passports, notebooks and your imagination. 

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Exterior dimensions
Width: 337mm (13.3″), Height: 285mm (11.2″), Depth: 40mm (1.6″)

Interior dimensions
Width: 326mm (12.8″), Height: 240mm (9.4″), Depth: 33mm (1.3″)

1 kg (2 lb 3 oz)




“I thought I should also let you know that I bought my champagne Youmans Capsule last year after I saw it in our office. I really bought it to make a statement, and it’s done exactly that. The Capsule is smart and sleek, and is really an extension of how I like to present myself in front of others. Someone noted the other day that it somehow mysteriously matched my shoes and handbag. Little did they know that it was all planned :)”
– Parul Sheopuri


“The A4 Capsule will be my ‘modern briefcase’ to carry/protect my mobile technology work platform of choice. I spend a vast amount of my time on my computer and/or iPad.”
– Doug Wilson


“I meet with a variety of business owners on a weekly basis in a consultative sales role. Establishing a point of difference from the moment I walk in the door can provide a positive start to a first meeting. My Youmans Capsule does this before I even start speaking. I have had many comments on its appearance and styling and I’m always happy to recommend it as a functional business tool. I use mine on a daily basis and it looks as good 6 months down the track as it did when I unboxed it.”
– Justin Cheyne


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