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Freedom has a new name, Youmans Capsule

With the Covid-19 pandemic and many countries being forced into lockdowns, people are experiencing working remotely. But this is not something new as being a Digital Nomad has become more of a lifestyle already for so many.  Leaving big cities and exploring the world...

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The importance of an innovative display

We understand that businesses invest in various sources to create their goods, and we want to assist them with our innovative, high-end display to showcase their products uniquely. The Youmans capsule presentation case can be customised to suit the most demanding...

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We are launching our new website! 

We wanted to start 2022 fresh!   So these past few months, the Youmans Capsule team along with our web designer, Christian Huster have been working to improve our website user experience.  We have simplified our page, made it look better, and lined it with our new...

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Covid 19 – Level 2 update

The Youmans Capsule team is excited to come back to work in the showroom! Being under Covid 19 - Level 2 means we welcome the public by a previous booking to any time in our general work schedule, which is between 10 am to 4 pm. In addition,...

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