YC participated in the “Diversifying into Latin America” (DILA) Business Programme

by May 23, 2022News0 comments

This weekend in Wellington was the closure of the business program Diversifying into Latin America (DILA), organised by the Latin America Centre of Asia Pacific Excellence. It was an excellent opportunity to get to know people with strong ties with the region, like representatives of Central government agencies, professors, and business speakers. 

We explore diverse countries’ markets, cultures, economics, and political factors along the course. We also review digital trends, the importance of e-commerce in the region, and other topics related to business growth. We learned from others’ kiwi businesses and their experiences, which was very invigorating.

We presented in a focus group our unique value proposition, where we received helpful feedback to improve our approach. 

There is no doubt that it has been a very enriching course that helped us clear our vision and increase our motivation. Nowadays, we are ready to explore more in the Latam region, and we have already started in Chile, where Nicole Lizama is researching the market and meeting with people to obtain validation.